Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss usually starts either with a recession to the temples or a diffuse thinning to the crown and can be followed in some cases by a gradual thinning, then a complete denuding of the top. Very rarely is the hair lost on the sides and back although men over seventy can lose hair in the neck area. Both the Hamilton and the Norwood scales classify Androgenetic hair loss in men.

Androgenic hair loss has three causative factors: genetic predisposition, the presence of the androgen testosterone and the age of the patient.

Male pattern baldness is more commonly inherited from the maternal grandfather.

At puberty, more of the male hormone testosterone circulates around the body causing hairs that are genetically programmed (in the pattern areas) to produce finer and shorter hairs with each new cycle of hair growth. Testosterone reaches the target organ, in this case the hair follicle, where the enzyme 5α-reductase changes testosterone into the highly potent hormone di-hydro testosterone, which causes the above affects.


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