Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss presents a diffuse thinning to the front and crown area of the scalp (Ludwig pattern) and never at the sides and back from this reason alone. Partings seem wider and the scalp seems more noticeable at the front and the top of the head.

This is a slow, gradual process and rarely does it completely denude the area.

Androgenetic hair loss in women usually begins with the hormone changes after puberty, pregnancy or menopause and is fairly common in ladies over 80 years of age. Although there is normally no increased hair shedding noticed with this type of loss, there are cases of long-term excess shedding (telogen effluvium) that precede this condition. Androgenetic hair loss has three causative factors, age, inheritance and the presence of the hormone testosterone.

Postmenopausal thinning is related to oestrogen reduction.


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