Welcome to the Solent Trichology Clinic

There are differences in loss of hair in women and men. Post menopausal women can suffer a similar form of loss of hair as men known as female pattern baldness but it is usually slower than in men and less extensive. Younger women are more likely to suffer Chronic Telogen Effluvium a diffuse loss of hair you can read about this on our hair loss in women page. Hair loss for men is usually a genetic problem although a small number of men may also suffer acute or Chronic Telogen Effluvium.

The Solent Trichology Clinic is a private treatment room,where  you can feel totally relaxed and  able to discuss your concerns.

Your hours consultation with Deborah, begins with a full review and understanding of your concerns in order to clarify which type of hair loss or scalp condition you are experiencing. You will be asked questions relating to your health, life style, diet and the time leading up to when you noticed the changes. A thorough examination of the scalp and the hair fibre will be conducted.

Deborah can also offer advice in diet and nutrition and is a qualified phlebotomist.

Deborah has recently joined the team of ‘The private clinic Harley street’ and works closely with Dr Reddy, Dr Tam and Dr Zioga who are experienced in FUE hair transplants.

Deborah is joining the team at TAI Yi HEALTH clinic at 111 stoke road Gosport, complimentary treatments under one roof. Lily and Yue have made her feel really welcome.

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Deborah Chester is a clinical and consultant trichologist and qualified with one of the worlds oldest and respected institutes founded in 1902 ‘The Institute of Trichologists’.

Deborah has over 30 years in the hair care profession and experience in dealing with hair loss.

Booking policy: 50% of the fee is payable on booking your consultation, by BACS. This fee is non refundable .Refunds can only be  authorised  24 hours prior if you are unable to attend or need to reschedule. Balance is required at appointment.